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last night was good.

last night was good.

// I love weed//

and weed makes me love food.

 But I don’t want to eat right now, weed!

Stop it,  I did so much work today at the gym ):

Here&#8217;s to not smoking all week, I love you bud, I&#8217;ll see you saturday &lt;3

Here’s to not smoking all week, I love you bud, I’ll see you saturday <3

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Allllll day today.

Allllll day today.

// I’m going to eat 1000 calories tomorrow. Fuck? Help?//

My boyfriend bought me an edible. I’ve been working out everyday and eating less than 500 calories for like 4 days now. And this edible is made with a whole stick of cannibutter. (810 cals) and Reeses puffs (150 cals) FUCK. BALLS! akjdkjfklfjddljsf;;;kfs;l I don’t know what the fuck to do. 

so BASICALLY I’m asking…..

Do you think if I burnt 800 calories tomorrow and fuckin…… fasted the next day and worked out I’d be ok? Jesus. I can’t gain weight.

used to be such a burning example, I used to be original. I used to care I was being careful, made sure I showed it to those that I loved.

binge free days: 0